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Clash of Queens Coverage Suspended
October 10, 2016

When I start covering a game on this website I never know how it is going to go. Clash of Queens has been an interesting experience, but with the way things are currently going I doubt they will attract a larger audience and I feel our time is better spent on other games. I am not closing the door completely, I probably check in few times to see whether things have improved, but with the current status I feel there are just too many bugs (and some of them very serious, like not receiving the millions of resources you have worked for). These type of bugs are annoying enough, but on top of that I have been getting zero support when reporting such issues over the past weeks.

I am not attempting to discourage anyone from playing this game, and if you want to share other experiences please feel free to leave a comment. I am merely trying to give an explanation why we suspended the coverage of Clash of Queens for those players that come to our website to find information about the game.

The information we had collected so far will remain on the website, but as things are looking now we will not extend it further.

Clash of Queens Honor Points Icon
Honor Points Guide Added
October 9, 2016

Explanation of Honor Points, hoow to acquire them and how they can be used.

See: Honor Points Guide for Clash of Queens

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Growth Strategy Guide Added
October 5, 2016

This guide offers a strategy to grow from level 16 to level 20.

See: Growth Strategy Guide for Clash of Queens

Clash of Queens War Technology Icon
War Technology Research Guide Added
October 5, 2016

This guide explains the benefits and costs of the new War Technology Research category.

See: War Technology Research Guide for Clash of Queens

Clash of Queens Temple Icon
Heroes Guide Added
October 5, 2016

We added a guide to explain the Heroes that were recently introduced.

See: Heroes Guide for Clash of Queens

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