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With this website we aim to provide helpful guides, data and tools to play popular strategic mobile platform games.

We store all the data from the games in a web database, so that all our webpages are always up to date and we can use this information to provide insight into the data by various overviews. Our tools to facilitate game play also make use of this data.

We focus on free to play strategic mobile platform games with in-game purchases. Although we do not aim to spend large amounts of money on these games, the guides, overviews and tools on our website should be helpful for both free-to-play players and big spenders.

Want to Contribute?

Hopefully you find our website useful in supporting your game play. We would love to keep extending it, both going more in-depth for the individual games, as well as feature more games. In case you want to contribute to making this a success and helping the gamer community, there are several ways in which this can be done.

One simple step is if you have any questions, ask them in the comment section on our website (on the relevant pages), this will extend the information on our website and will help other players with similar questions.

In case you are missing information about certain parts of a game we feature, have a suggestion how we can improve a tool or guide, or even have a suggestion for another game that would make a good fit for our website, let us know. If you are still using an Excel sheet or something similar to support your game play, that is probably a good area in which we should extend our website.

Of course we would also love it in people can provide contents. If you know any data that is missing (or incorrect!) on our website, let us know. Also if you are an expert in a certain part of a game and you would like to share this with the gamer community, I am sure many readers will appreciate it, so please send it to us.

If we take Mobile Strike as an example, some of the game features are fully accessible for non spenders (e.g. anyone can see all the stats of new gear), but others (core and attachment boosts, research project requirements etc) are not. Still, our tools only keep being useful if we keep extending it with the newest available data in the game. If you are in a position to e.g. take a screenshot of research project requirements just before you start it, or the level 6 boosts of new cores or attachments, and send them to us, it is much appreciated.

Contact Us

Any feedback can be send to info at gamesguideinfo.com, but we encourage you, if your feedback is a good fit for any of our existing pages, to write it in the corresponding comment section, so that other readers are also aware of the communication.

Line is a popular app that is often used for communication between players outside of the game for the type of games that are featured on the website. We are also present on Line in case you want to join us. Sent a message to 'diamondjack72' if you want to be invited to the GamesGuideInfo room.

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