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Free Forever
October 5, 2016

It was brought to our attention that recently another website, similar to ours, has introduced a paid members only section. No criticism from our side to that decision, but at the same time I do feel it is good to emphasize we will not make a move in that direction. All data, guides and tools on our website will remain free for everyone forever. Or at least as long as there is interest. Interest from people playing the games is our key driver, so always feel free to let us know what you would like to see on our website, and we will do our best to deliver.

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Website Migration

By: on April 11, 2016

We have recently been experiencing some technical difficulties with the server our website is hosted on. We have chosen to migrate the website to a new hosting company. This should happen during the coming days within any downtime, however during this time any updates you might make to our database (e.g. by registering, updating your profile, planning infernos) might get lost. We suggest you either wait with such changes until the migration is completed, or you double check on any changes after the migration. At the footer of each page we have temporarily added an extra indication which reads either (via old host) or (via dreamhost). As soon as it reads (via dreamhost) the migration is completed and it is ok to make changes again.

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Inferno Event Planner Added

By: on January 10, 2016

The tool to help winning Inferno Events was added for Game of War.

See: Inferno Event Planner for Game of War

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Research Trees Added

By: on January 1, 2016

All available research trees in Game of War were added.

See: All Research for Game of War

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Game of War Introduced

By: on December 15, 2015

The Game of War part of this website is introduced.

See: Game of War

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