Research Projects

An overview of all research projects available in the Combat Research Tree in Game of War including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.


Max Lv. 10 Scouting +10

Training Speed I

Max Lv. 1 Training Speed 20.0%

(Regular) Infantry Attack

Max Lv. 10 Infantry Attack 131.0%

(Regular) Ranged Attack

Max Lv. 10 Ranged Attack 131.0%

(Regular) Cavalry Attack

Max Lv. 10 Cavalry Attack 131.0%

(Regular) Infantry Defense

Max Lv. 10 Infantry Defense 131.0%

(Regular) Ranged Defense

Max Lv. 10 Ranged Defense 131.0%

(Regular) Cavalry Defense

Max Lv. 10 Cavalry Defense 131.0%


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Hoplites

Skirmish Archers

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Skirmish Archers

Light Cavalry

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Light Cavalry

(Regular) Siege Attack

Max Lv. 10 Siege Attack 131.0%


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Ballista

(Regular) Siege Defense

Max Lv. 10 Siege Defense 131.0%

Armored Pikemen

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Armored Pikemen


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Guardians

Companion Cavalry

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Companion Cavalry

(Regular) Troop Health

Max Lv. 10 Troop Health Bonus 131.0%

Siege Tower

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Siege Tower

(Regular) Troop Defense

Max Lv. 10 Troop Defense Bonus 131.0%


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Immortals


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Marksmen

War Elephants

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks War Elephant


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Onager

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Total Cost

Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
123.50M Stone
123.50M Wood
92.63M Ore
144.15M Food
517.55M Silver
5940d 04:44:60 26.01M 25,877,350 4.4

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