All information about the research project Hero Attack III in Game of War including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Hero Attack Bonus Hero XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Academy 9
Resource Help Capacity Increase 9
649K Stone
649K Wood
405K Ore
783K Food
783K Silver
11:48:18 1.0% (inc)
1.0% (cum)
25K 55,900 113.6
2 Academy 9
Trade March Speed Increase 1
780K Stone
780K Wood
499K Ore
888K Food
888K Silver
1d 08:47:54 1.0% (inc)
2.0% (cum)
25K 63,500 46.5
3 Academy 10
Trade March Speed Increase 2
898K Stone
898K Wood
589K Ore
1.11M Food
1.11M Silver
3d 19:07:41 2.0% (inc)
4.0% (cum)
30K 79,400 20.9
Total Academy 21
Gathering March Speed Increase 10
Resource Help Capacity Increase 9
Troop Defense I 6
Troop Health I 6
Trade March Speed Increase 7
Hero Monster March Speed Increase 8
248.10M Stone
248.10M Wood
182.79M Ore
346.57M Food
346.57M Silver
7925d 22:04:20 30.0% 770K 24,754,800 3.1

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