All information about the research project Rally March Speed Increase in Game of War including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Rally March Speed Hero XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Academy 21
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 3
8.18M Stone
8.18M Wood
7.10M Ore
9.50M Food
9.50M Silver
1d 03:04:20 1.0% (inc)
1.0% (cum)
174K 678,600 601.6
2 Academy 21 12.10M Stone
12.10M Wood
9.56M Ore
15.79M Food
15.79M Silver
3d 03:24:12 1.0% (inc)
2.0% (cum)
174K 1,127,700 358.9
3 Academy 21
Attack March Speed Increase 2
14.20M Stone
14.20M Wood
12.48M Ore
20.73M Food
20.73M Silver
8d 18:01:10 1.0% (inc)
3.0% (cum)
174K 1,480,400 169.2
4 Academy 21
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 4
19.08M Stone
19.08M Wood
16.95M Ore
25.58M Food
25.58M Silver
24d 08:57:52 1.0% (inc)
4.0% (cum)
174K 1,826,800 75.0
5 Academy 21
Hero Preset I 5
Attack March Speed Increase 3
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 5
35.00M Stone
35.00M Wood
23.69M Ore
35.79M Food
35.79M Silver
67d 21:17:34 1.0% (inc)
5.0% (cum)
174K 2,556,300 37.7
6 Academy 21
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 7
63.06M Stone
63.06M Wood
38.23M Ore
49.56M Food
49.56M Silver
189d 02:02:48 1.5% (inc)
6.5% (cum)
240K 3,540,000 18.7
7 Academy 21
Hero Preset I 7
92.03M Stone
92.03M Wood
67.90M Ore
73.55M Food
73.55M Silver
1074d 12:01:43 1.5% (inc)
8.0% (cum)
240K 5,253,800 4.9
8 Academy 21
Hero Preset I 8
Attack March Speed Increase 8
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 8
118.20M Stone
118.20M Wood
100.68M Ore
116.12M Food
116.12M Silver
2191d 09:05:33 2.0% (inc)
10.0% (cum)
240K 8,294,200 3.8
9 Academy 21
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 9
169.32M Stone
169.32M Wood
143.85M Ore
173.17M Food
173.17M Silver
4713d 08:16:01 4.0% (inc)
14.0% (cum)
240K 12,369,300 2.6
10 Academy 21
Enemy Attack Debuff 10
174.70M Stone
174.70M Wood
154.53M Ore
190.33M Food
190.33M Silver
5089d 08:08:50 15.0% (inc)
29.0% (cum)
240K 13,594,600 2.7
11 Register to Supply Data
12 Register to Supply Data
13 Register to Supply Data
Total Academy 21
Hero Preset I 8
Embassy Troop Capacity Increase 9
Attack March Speed Increase 8
Enemy Attack Debuff 10
705.87M Stone
705.87M Wood
574.96M Ore
710.10M Food
710.10M Silver
13362d 22:20:03 29.0% 2.07M 50,721,700 3.8

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