All information about the research project Wild Troop Defense in Game of War including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Wild Troop Defense
Hero XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Academy 8
Enemy Infantry Defense Debuff 1
Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff 1
Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff 1
31.14M Stone
31.47M Wood
27.89M Ore
25.56M Food
25.39M Silver
445d 21:20:36 1.0% (inc)
1.0% (cum)
25K 1,674,993 3.8
2 Academy 9
Troop Training Capacity IV 2
43.60M Stone
44.06M Wood
39.04M Ore
35.78M Food
35.55M Silver
624d 05:52:51 2.0% (inc)
3.0% (cum)
35K 2,344,990 3.8
3 Academy 10
Troop Training Capacity IV 3
62.29M Stone
62.94M Wood
55.78M Ore
51.12M Food
50.78M Silver
891d 18:41:13 4.0% (inc)
7.0% (cum)
49K 3,349,986 3.8
4 Academy 11
Troop Training Capacity IV 4
87.20M Stone
88.12M Wood
78.09M Ore
71.57M Food
71.10M Silver
1248d 11:45:42 6.0% (inc)
13.0% (cum)
69K 4,689,980 3.8
5 Academy 12
Troop Training Capacity IV 5
118.35M Stone
119.59M Wood
105.98M Ore
97.13M Food
96.49M Silver
1694d 09:06:18 8.0% (inc)
21.0% (cum)
94K 6,364,973 3.8
6 Academy 13
Troop Training Capacity IV 6
155.72M Stone
157.35M Wood
139.45M Ore
127.80M Food
126.96M Silver
2229d 10:43:02 10.0% (inc)
31.0% (cum)
123K 8,374,964 3.8
7 Academy 15
Troop Training Capacity IV 7
199.32M Stone
201.41M Wood
178.49M Ore
163.59M Food
162.50M Silver
2853d 16:35:53 15.0% (inc)
46.0% (cum)
158K 10,719,954 3.8
8 20.0% (inc)
66.0% (cum)
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9 25.0% (inc)
91.0% (cum)
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10 40.0% (inc)
131.0% (cum)
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Total Academy 15
Troop Training Capacity IV 7
Enemy Infantry Defense Debuff 1
Enemy Ranged Defense Debuff 1
Enemy Cavalry Defense Debuff 1
697.62M Stone
704.94M Wood
624.72M Ore
572.56M Food
568.76M Silver
9987d 22:05:35 131.0% 552K 37,519,840 3.8

Currently we do not have complete information on this research category yet, if you have missing information, please let us know via the User Comments or send us an e-mail to the address in the footer of this page. Please make sure to provide the original time and undiscounted resource requirements and do not forget the university/academy level required and the Power increase.

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