All information about the special skill Manufacturing Core Level 6 in Game of War including how it can be unlocked.
Name Manufacturing Core Level 6
Description Allows you to manufacture a Level 6 Core
Unlocked by Core Mastery Level 6 1

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An overview of all buildings and research necessary to unlock Manufacturing Core Level 6.
Unit Stone Wood Ore Food Silver Special Items Original Time
Armory 1-13 561K 780K 1.50M 522K 2d 20:21:25
Bank 1-10 137K 97K 23K 157K 13:51:20
Farm 1-10 46K 48K 46K 13:51:20
Hall of Heroes 1-10 116K 61K 58K 152K 27:42:20
Headquarters 1-14 3.62M 3.60M 1.50M 1.79M 15d 12:47:17
Hospital 1-12 1.03M 779K 581K 433K 1d 05:32:04
Iron Mine 1-13 187K 195K 174K 2d 24:54:32
Oil Well 1-10 46K 46K 40K 16:37:33
Quarry 1-12 121K 120K 107K 1d 21:44:01
Radar Station 1-11 382K 302K 80K 132K 1d 06:62:31
Research Facility 1-14 1.81M 1.80M 753K 1.08M 4d 28:19:13
Trading Post 1-8 59K 80K 36K 40K 05:04:58
Training Grounds 1-12 630K 482K 360K 267K 2d 10:48:15
Wall 1-13 2.35M 1.96M 707K 1.09M 3d 23:44:14
Warehouse 1-13 748K 780K 563K 349K 2d 06:41:08
Core Mastery Level 1 1 374K 326K 326K 336K 294K 00:24:00
Troop Load II 1-6 11.25M 4.94M 4.68M 2.26M 10.45M 1d 15:34:30
Core Mastery Level 2 1 1.31M 1.23M 896K 1.05M 1.39M 04:36:10
Gathering II 1-6 1.80M 1.59M 758K 2.88M 3.35M 1d 16:07:20
Core Mastery Level 3 1 7.25M 6.67M 5.69M 5.93M 8.08M 1d 22:49:20
Manufacturing Speed I 1-7 2.42M 4.25M 8.04M 7.75M 8.98M 4d 13:59:20
Core Mastery Level 4 1 24.73M 21.40M 17.86M 18.10M 15.58M 10 Research File 11d 19:42:50
4th Attachment Manufacturing Slot 1 34.30M 29.69M 24.77M 25.11M 21.61M 50 Research File 31d 23:26:50
Core Mastery Level 5 1 47.21M 44.21M 40.25M 42.37M 29.06M 20 Research File 36d 05:24:00
Core Mastery Level 6 1 143.09M 125.27M 119.06M 114.99M 132.94M 60 Research File 84d 17:57:30
Totals 140 Research File Building: 42d 23:02:11
Research: 174d 20:01:50

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