Best Gear for Beast March Speed Boost

Gear Type Gear Boost
Beast March Speed
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Boots Honor Boots (Golden) 27.5% 21 101K 4800 Animal Hide, 4800 Ebony, 1 Viper Fang, 1 Green Crystal
Headgear Honor Cap (Golden) 27.5% 21 101K 7200 Beast Fang, 2400 Ebony, 1 Viper Fang, 1 Viper Scale
Total 55.0% 21 201K 7200 Ebony
7200 Beast Fang
4800 Animal Hide
2 Viper Fang
1 Viper Scale
1 Green Crystal

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Beast March Speed.

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