Best Gear for Cavalry Damage Received Boost

Gear Type Gear Boost
Cavalry Damage Received
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Armor Leather Armor (Green) -7.2% 6 3.3K 72 Animal Hide, 36 Beast Fang, 6 Bone, 1 Cedar
Boots Demon Hunter Boots -30.0% 31 201K 9600 Animal Hide, 9600 Ebony, 2 Viper Fang, 2 Green Crystal
Total -37.2% 31 205K 9672 Animal Hide
9600 Ebony
36 Beast Fang
6 Bone
2 Green Crystal
2 Viper Fang
1 Cedar

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Cavalry Damage Received.

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