All information relating to the boost type Infantry Damage in Guns of Glory including what research projects increase Infantry Damage and what the best gear is for Infantry Damage.
Name Infantry Damage
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Glory Levels (Forge) 145.5%
Best Gear Set 40.5%
Total 186.0%

Building Glory Levels Giving Infantry Damage Boost

Building Total Boost
Forge 145.5%

Gear Sets Giving Infantry Damage Boost (all gear, resonance and enhancement boosts)

Gear Set Total Boost
Pursuer 40.5%
Buccaneer 40.5%
Master 40.5%
Sun King 40.5%
Retribution 40.5%

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All Gear Giving Infantry Damage Boost (basic boosts without enhancement)

Ring Boost Commander
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Retribution Ring 30.0% 36 700K 36000 Coal, 36000 Beast Fang, 7 Green Crystal, 7 Meteorite

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