Why You Need It

Resources are required for building, research, troop and trap training.

Best Way To Get It

The least effort way to get resources (once you have your account(s) properly developed) is buying them from the Catacombs Trader shop with credits you get from the Catacombs.

Other Ways To Get It

There are many other ways to get resources. Gathering is a very important one. Besides that there is resource production at your rural buildings, killing beasts and rallying red guards and especially food and wood are common rewards of many (seasonal) events.

Keep In Mind

For your main and farm accounts, make sure you have developed your Creation and VIP early on, to make sure you benefit from this easy way to get resources. Focus your research on Satchel Capacity and Catacombs cooldown.

Make sure you have good resource gathering and production gear, and also resource gathering and production boosts via research and lord talent points are important.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Catacombs Trader 18 x 10K Food 180,000 7
Gold Store 1.5M Food 1,500,000 1,255
Mining Loot 500K Food 500,000 30,940


I am trying to keep this as correct and complete as possible, but if you notice any mistakes or missing information, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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