Why You Need It

Steel is required to forge and enhance equipment.

Best Way To Get It

You get quite a lot of steel from Red Guard rallies and if you need more faster considering raising a bounty at the hall of heroes.

Other Ways To Get It

Steel is quite a common reward for (seasonal) events and you can use your free wishes in the Wishing well for steel as well.

Keep In Mind

Using steel to enhance equipment is quite expensive for small benefits. As long as you are short on steel you might want to consider making sure you have forged great equipment first before you start to spend steel on enhancing individual pieces.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Expedition Shop 1K Steel 1,000 222
Gold Store 1K Steel 1,000 12
Hero Store 220 x 1K Steel from Bounty 220,000 13,500
Hero Store 450 x 1K Steel from Bounty 450,000 27,000
Hero Store 900 x 1K Steel from Bounty 900,000 54,000
Mining Loot 3K Steel 3,000 13,330


I am trying to keep this as correct and complete as possible, but if you notice any mistakes or missing information, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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