Why You Need It

Required to upgrade the Airship EXP level. Airship EXP levels are restrictions for the available Airship Ability slots, for unlocking certain Airship Abilities, and for the maximum level you can upgrade an Airship Ability.

Best Way To Get It

Airship EXP can be acquired via most regular playing activities. Raising a Bounty at the Hall of Heroes is the best way to get Airship EXP if you feel it is not going fast enough.

Other Ways To Get It

Purchasing from the Mining Loot or Royal Expeditions Shop are alternatives.

Keep In Mind

Although you don't get direct rewards from Airship EXP level upgrades like the Talent points you get from Lord and Creation EXP level upgrades, the fact that it allows you to keep upgrading Airship Abilities is very important and a reason to keep upgrading your Airship. Not to mention the ultimate benefit of unlocking the Advanced Airship Abilities.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Expedition Shop Medium Airship EXP 5,000 74
Hero Store 270 x 20K Airship EXP from Bounty 2,700,000 27,000
Hero Store 110 x 100K Airship EXP from Bounty 5,500,000 54,000
Hero Store 135 x 20K Airship EXP from Bounty 1,300,000 13,500
Mining Loot 20K Dragon EXP 20,000 3,700


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