All information relating to the Creation Equipment event in Guns of Glory, such as rebels, gifts, materials and tiles associated with this event.
Name Creation Equipment
Gear Set(s) Assassion Creation, Basic Creation, Destruction Creation, Devastator Creation, Enforcer Creation, Executioner Creation, Fearless Creation, Gallant Creation, Heatseeker Creation, Protector Creation, Savage Creation, Scarlet Creation, Wild Creation
Gear Assassin Belt, Assassin Boots, Assassin Grenade, Assassin Jacket, Assassin Mask, Assassin Pistol, Basic Gauntlets, Basic Headgear, Basic Shorts, Basic Stake, Basic Vest, Basic War Hammer, Destruction Belt, Destruction Coat, Destruction Grenades, Destruction Mask, Destruction Musket, Destruction Pants, Devastator Gauntlets, Devastator Headgear, Devastator Shorts, Devastator Stakes, Devastator Vest, Devastator War Hammer, Enforcer Boots, Enforcer Breastplate, Enforcer Gloves, Enforcer Hammer, Enforcer Mask, Enforcer Stakes, Executioner Armor, Executioner Axe, Executioner Gloves, Executioner Greaves, Executioner Mask, Executioner Shield, Fearless Battleaxe, Fearless Boots, Fearless Breastplate, Fearless Cuffs, Fearless Helmet, Fearless Shield, Gallant Battleaxe, Gallant Boots, Gallant Breastplate, Gallant Cuffs, Gallant Helmet, Gallant Shield, Heatseeker Belt, Heatseeker Grenades, Heatseeker Mask, Heatseeker Musket, Heatseeker Pants, Heatseeker Vest, Protector Battleaxe, Protector Boots, Protector Breastplate, Protector Cuffs, Protector Helmet, Protector Shield, Savage Gauntlets, Savage Headgear, Savage Shorts, Savage Stake, Savage Vest, Savage War Hammer, Scarlet Belt, Scarlet Grenades, Scarlet Jacket, Scarlet Mask, Scarlet Musket, Sccarlet Pants, Wild Gauntlets, Wild Headgear, Wild Leg Guards, Wild Mace, Wild Stake, Wild Vest

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