This article gives an explanation of how to acquire very high Troop Attack, Defense and Health boosts in Guns of Glory. The focus is on Troop Attack, but for most categories Defense and Health are acquired in the same manner.

Guns of Glory How to Maximize Troop Attack

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Explanation of all the different ways to increase your Troop Attack boosts.

Scope of this Article

We will have a look at each category in which you can get Troop Attack boosts and explain how you can acquire these.


The complete Retribution set gives a basic Troop Attack boost of 75%. Once completed you also get a Set Resonance Boost of 15%, which can be increased further by 50% for the first enhancement level. Also for each time the gear is enhancement the basic boosts are increased.

Based on feedback I got the enhancement level increases of the Set Resonance Boost are 50% for lvl 1, 0% for lvl 2, 70% for lvl 3, 0% for lvl 4 and 80% for lvl 5, so cumulative 200% for lvl 5 enhancement, making the Set Resonance Boost increase from 15% to 45%.

The troop attack boosts is incremented with 4% for every enhancement level.

Based on this the total gear set Troop Attack boosts can be 135% (90% (basic gear boost enhanced to level 5) + 15% (basic set resonance boost) + 30% (200% of 15% for lvl 5 enhancement).

The basic boost of the Sun King set is 150%, which I assume can be increased further by enhancements, but I have no data on that.


Two fully refined Justice Gemstones will give you 58.5% (2x29.25%) Troop Attack boost

Airship Parts

Two fully upgraded Epic Gold Core Airship Parts will give you 40% (2x20%) Troop Attack boost.

Coat of Arms

Four fully upgraded Epic Grand Musketeer Coat of Arms will give you 40% (4x10%) Troop Attack boost.

Glory Levels

For the two buildings that give a prestige level troop attack boost I only have data available until level 31 (Academy and Castle). Extrapolating this data I estimate a total prestige level Troop Attack boost of 73.1% (49.7% Academy, 23.4% Castle) is possible with both buildings at glory level 35.


The two Troop Attack projects in Combat II will give a total of 20% Troop Attack Boost.

Talent Points

Lord Talent points in War via the All Troop Attack project close to the end of the tree can give a 10% Troop Attack.


Active VIP 10 or higher gives 15% Troop Attack.

Airship Abilities

The advanced Airship Ability Blood Thirst gives a basic Troop Attack of 2%. I assume this can be increased by upgrading and/or enhancing to a higher level, but I have no idea how high.


Duke of Buckingham (Weapons Master, 30%), Captain Treville (Advisor, 15%), Benoit (Ambassador, 15%) can provide 60% Troop Attack.

Creation Talent Points

In the Brutal Tree there are two Troop Attack projects that can provide a total of 10% (2x5%) Troop Attack.


Hellfire Handcannon and Aircannon give 15% Troop Attack. There might be others that provide even higher boosts.


Various accolades can give a total of 25% Troop Attack boost.


By using a Savage Attack item you can temporarily increase your Troop Attack boost with 25%.


See in table below a breakdown of the above discussed ways to get Troop Attack bonus.

Category Percentage Remark
Gear 150% Standard boost for Sun King, might be able to increase via enhancements
Gemstones 58.5%
Airship Parts 40%
Coat of Arms 40%
Glory Levels 73.1% Based on extrapolation of data
Research 20%
Talent Points 10%
VIP 15%
Airship Abilities 2% This is the basic boost, via Upgrading and enhancing of Blood Thirst this can likely be incremented, but no idea how high
Guards 60%
Creation Talent Points 10%
Wonders 15% Might be others that provide higher boosts
Accolades 25%
Items 25%
Total 543.6%


There are some very specific boosts, such as the boosts you can select inside the Spirit Mines, or the boosts you can get when plundering full or defending empty alliance buildings in the ultimate alliance campaign that are not included in this overview, but that can cause higher Troop Boosts to show in in battle reports.


This should give an idea how some players (big spenders) get these 400+% Troop Attack/Defense/Health boost, while you are stuck between 100% and 150%.

Although these troop boosts are great, do not forget to focus on damage and damage reduction/received as well. Also, since you likely mostly use Distance and Cavalry for damage dealers, having both Cavalry Attack and Distance Attack is almost as valuable as having Troop Attack.

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