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Troop Attack Guide Extended
November 28, 2018

We extended our guide on Troop Attack with the information of the new Sun King set and corrected our estimate from the boost from Glory Levels.

See: Troop Attack Guide for Guns of Glory

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Gear Set Comparison Tool Extended
November 28, 2018

We have extended our gear set comparison tool to allow a comparison between demon hunter or retribution and sun king gear set. The comparison is done based on a complete set without enhancement. It is not clear to me at this moment what the benefits are from enhancing the sun king, both for the individual pieces and for the royal academy of warfare benefits.

See: Gear Set Comparison for Guns of Glory

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Sun King Equipment Set Added
November 28, 2018

The game update 2.4.0 contains a new Equipment Set, Sun King. It has a replacement of the Set Resonance Boost (Royal Academy of Warfare) which is only activated once you have all 6 pieces. I have no idea yet what the benefits of enhancements are. It seems only a complete set will be better than Demon Hunter or Retribution and because of the requirements will be very expensive.

See: Sun King Equipment Set for Guns of Glory

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Adding Data
November 23, 2018

We have added a possibility to add data for building levels and research project levels for any registered user of the website. This data is typically difficult for us to provide complete ourselves, because it requires to develop a game account to the maximum to learn all data, still it is very valuable for gamers to know ahead what certain requirements are. We appreciate any help with filling in the missing building level and research project level information. We are working on extending the interface to also allow adding data in other categories, feel free to let us know if you have specific data you would like to add.

See: Building Overview for Guns of Glory

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Play Guns of Glory on BlueStacks
November 13, 2018

BlueStacks is a platform that allows you to play Android games on Windows or Apple computers. It has good performance and many extra features compared to playing on mobile phone, so might be a good alternative if you love playing Guns of Glory.

See: Play Guns of Glory on BlueStacks

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