All information about the research project Artillery Defense III in Guns of Glory including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Artillery Defense Lord XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Academy 32
Troop Attack II 1
5.97M Food
17.17M Wood
1.14M Iron
233K Silver
5d 08:18:25 8.0% (inc)
8.0% (cum)
23,821 4.5
2 Academy 33 6.63M Food
19.39M Wood
1.27M Iron
255K Silver
6d 21:51:27 8.0% (inc)
16.0% (cum)
23,821 3.4
3 Academy 34 7.41M Food
21.99M Wood
1.41M Iron
281K Silver
8d 20:30:38 8.0% (inc)
24.0% (cum)
23,821 2.7
4 5.90M Food
23.10M Wood
814K Iron
312K Silver
4d 07:26:39 8.0% (inc)
32.0% (cum)
23,821 5.5
Total Academy 34
Troop Attack II 1
25.92M Food
81.65M Wood
4.63M Iron
1.08M Silver
25d 10:07:09 32.0% 95,284 3.7

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