In your Spaceport there are a variety of Buildings you can build and upgrade. In this guide we will explain the function of these Buildings and share some ways to improve your Construction Speed.

Infinite Galaxy - Spaceport Buildings

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Description of the Spaceport Buildings in Infinite Galaxy, and ways to improve your construction speed.

Command Center

Your Command Center is the key building in your Spaceport, indicating the Spaceport level. You always need to upgrade the Command Center first before you can upgrade any other building. Until level 16 inceasing your Command Center increases the gathering speed for all resources. For higher levels there are no additonal benefits.

The Command Center building has an interface that allows you to upgrade all the other buildings.

There is a special ranking for Command Center Level, and some alliances will also require a minimum Command Center level before you are allowed to join. Together with Power the Command Center level is quick indication for other players how strong you are.

The Command Center upgrade is the most expensive upgrade. To upgrade it you always have to upgrade the Defense Center to the same level, and for certain levels also another building.

Military Dock

Upgrading the Military Dock building gives you extra Warship Building Speed, 1% for each level. You get one Ship Building Queue to start with, and another one at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20.

The 1% extra speed is nice, and the extra ship building queues are great. Make sure to get those levels 5, 10, 15 and 20 as soon as you can.

In your spaceport interface you will find a Shipbuilding building which corresponds to the Military Dock. Here you can build new warships.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Outfitting Factory to the previous level as a prerequisite.

Flagship Dock

The Flagship Repair Speed bonus you get from upgrading your Flasgship Building is not the most interesting, but what is not shown in the interface is that the Flagship building level also is related to a maximum for your Flagship levels. Not exactly sure which Flagship Building level allows which Flagship level, but I have gotten messages that my flagship level could not increase further due to my Flagship building level.

The Flagship building interface you can do all actions relating to Flagships, such as building Flagships, repairing Flagships, Fortifying (leveling up) Flagships, Modifying (ranking up) Flagships, assigning a Captain, assigning Flagship gear.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Military Dock upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Storage Center

By upgrading the Storage Center building you increase the amount of resources that are protected, this means this amount of resources cannot be taken when your spaceport is attacked. This is a very useful stat when you are in a more aggressive galaxy and spaceports are attacked frequently, but if I am honest, playing in such a galaxy is not so nice anyway, because you will need lot of resources to repair and build warships all the time.

There is no interface for the Storage Center building.

The Command Center is the only prerequisite to do Storage Center upgrades.

Defense Center

Increasing the Defense Center increases the Spaceport Shield Energy Limit. In itself only useful when your spaceport is attacked. You might not consider this important, but it doesn't matter. The Defense Center is a prerequisite for all Command Center upgrades, so you will have to upgrade it anyway.

There is a Defense building interace that shows stats of the spaceport, useful after attack. You can also see here how many warships from alliance members are stationed at your spaceport for defensive purpose. There is also a Defense Platform to the right of the Shipbuilding, here you can build and upgrade Defense Platforms.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Repair Center upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Research Center

Increasing the level of the Research Center unlocks new research projects and levels, this is very important, for example crucial for unlocking higher tier warships, but there are many benefits of research.

There is a Research building interface where you can start and speed up research projects.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Military Headquarters upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Exploration Center

Increasing the level of the Exploration Center increases the navigation speed of your scout ships, it can unlock extra scout ships at certain levels, and it increases the amount of information you get from scout reports. All quite useful.

There is no Exploration Center interface.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Embassy upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Repair Center

Upgrading the Repair Center increases your Warship Repair Speed and the leadership limit for ships that need repair. Both very useful when doing battle.

To the left of the Shipbuilding you see the Repair Center, here you can Repair your ships (and get an overview of your damages ships and available capacity for damaged ships).

The Command Center is the only prerequisite to do Repair Center upgrades.


Increasing the Embassy level increases the number of alliance helps you can receive for construction and research and the leadership limit for alliance members garrisoning your spaceport. Especially the number of helps is useful for your development, assuming you are in a large and active alliance.

There is no direct building in the interface for the Embassy, but you can see the number of garrisoned fleets at the Defense building in the Reinforcement Fleet tab.

The Command Center is the only prerequisite to do Embassy upgrades.

Military Headquarters

By increasing the level of the Military Headquarters building you increase the very important Fleet Leadership Limit (the amount of warships you can have in your fleets). There are several different ways to increase the Fleet Leadership Limit, but this one forms a very large chunk of the total. I currently have 3500 Fleet Leadership from this building, and on my biggest Flagship a total leadership of just over 8000.

There is no Military Headquarters interface.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Eploration Center upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Dispatch Center

By upgrading the Dispatch Center you increase the Rally Warship Leadership Limit. This is the combined leadership of all fleets from alliance members joining a rally set by you. For most events it is actually not necessary to rally, you can send your fleets to a target, one person starts the attack and others will automatially join the fight when attacking as well (or can select Join when selecting the fight). The rally limit is important for the Campaign Simulation Center. Not necessary for everyone in your alliance to upgrade this building to a high level, but if a couple of active players do it, all can benefit by joining the rallies and beating higher waves.

There is no Dispatch Center interface.

The Command Center is the only prerequisite to do Dispatch Center upgrades, but you do need Dispatch Chips for the upgrades. These you will have to purchase (with Khorium or money) and this can become a big hurdle. They cost 10 khorium per piece and for Dispatch Center 15 you already require 452 (so 4520 khorium).

Outfitting Factory

Increasing the level of the Outfitting Factory increases the maximum level of Flagship Outfitting. This makes this also a very important building, as it means more combat boosts for your flagships.

The Outfitting Factor and Outfitting Depot buildings are located on both sides of the Flagship building. In the Outfitting Factory you can Manufacture the Flagship Outfitting or Gear. In the Outfitting Depot you can see an overview of all your Gear, you can breakdown and upgrade gear, and see all the materials and gear blueprints you have.

Besides the Command Center starting from level 11 you also need the Storage Center upgraded to one level lower as a prerequisite.

Construction Speed

In my eyes construction speed is not the most important development stat, as you can open up a second building queue and I already have problems enough getting enough resources to keep one building queue going 24/7. Still, it is good to get it as high as possible.

Researching Modulized Construction projects from the Development category increases construction speed.

In the Development Core Module category there are some construction speed up projects.

I haven't seen them yet, but I assuming there are Platforms in certain systems that can provide your alliance with a construction speed boost (I know there are for research speed).

In the Production category of the Alliance Tech there is a construction speed project as well. I don't think this is the best to focus on, there are more interesting projects.

There is Crew as well who provide a construction speed. I am using Oliveira Kudrow.

In the Command Category of the Spaceport Fortify Plan (Crew skill points) there is a construction speed project at the first level, but in my opinion better to first assign to the research speed project.

Once your VIP level reaches 2 you also get an extra 10% of construction speed.

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