There is a regular Galaxy Star Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide deals with information relevant for doing well in the Military Expansion Stage of the Galaxy Star Event.

Infinite Galaxy - Galaxy Star - Military Expansion

05/05/2021 - -

Military Expansion (warship building) stage of Galaxy Star. Explanation and tips.

How to Get Points

You can build warships in the Military Dock (Shipbuilding) building in the spaceport. You get points based on the leadership and tier of the warships you build. Of course higher tier warships also take longer to build, but in general it seems the point increase is larger than the build time increase, so better to build the highest tier warships you can. Because of the points per leadership, it does not matter which type of warship you build.

Preparation and Boosts

The Military Dock building is important for this event. Not only does it increase the ship building speed with each level, but it also unlocks new ship building queues at certain levels.

There are two Spaceport Production Line Optimized research projects in the Development category that also provide a Ship Building Speed boost.

Starting from VIP level 3 you also get a Warship Build Speed boost. This starts at 5% and is increased at VIP level 9 (to 10%), 13 (to 15%), and 16 (to 20%).

There are several crew members that offer a Warship Build Speed boost. I am using Molly Mayer (second skill only active when assigned as deputy), Robbie Sunny Nickolas and LeBlanc Evans.

Working on all the above is good anyway, but really helps during this event.

Having plenty of resources and ship building speed ups also gives more flexibility to score points during this event.


Best to have all your ship building queues build a batch of the highest tier warships to finish just after reset when the galaxy star is going on, so you start with a fair amount of points already.

Data and Tools on this Website

I am collecting all the information about building warships, which can be found in a data overview. I will extend the data as I unlock higher tier warships. There is also a Ship Building Calculator tool, which allows you to see how much time and resources you require for building a certain amount of warships, or calculates the number of warships you need to build based on an event score you want to achieve.

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