Best Gear for Spirit Arcane Ability Boost

Gear Type Gear Boost
Spirit Arcane Ability
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Accessory Magus Collar +849 45 18K 350 Fire Opal, 350 Spider Silk, 350 Soul Clay
Main Weapon Magus Staff +1,697 45 25K 500 Fire Opal, 500 Spider Silk, 500 Soul Clay
Sidearm Magus Throwing Knives +849 45 20K 400 Fire Opal, 400 Spider Silk, 400 Soul Clay
Total +3,395 45 63K 1250 Fire Opal
1250 Spider Silk
1250 Soul Clay

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Spirit Arcane Ability.

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