All information relating to the boost type Healing Cost in King of Avalon including what research projects increase Healing Cost and what the best gear is for Healing Cost.
Name Healing Cost
Type Percentage

All Gear Giving Healing Cost Boost (basic boosts without enhancement)

Greaves Boost Commander
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Royal Greaves (Purple) -11.2% 16 20K 720 Animal Hide, 720 Pine, 32 Amber, 1 Ruby
Phantom Feet (Purple) -14.0% 21 101K 1800 Animal Hide, 1800 Pine, 48 Amethyst, 1 Ruby
Phantom Feet (Orange) -14.0% 21 101K 3600 Animal Hide, 3600 Pine, 96 Amethyst, 1 Diamond

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