All information relating to the boost type Infantry Attack in King of Avalon including what research projects increase Infantry Attack and what the best gear is for Infantry Attack.
Name Infantry Attack
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Research Projects 229.5%
Lord Talent Trees 25.0%
Prestige Levels (Barracks) 96.52%
Prestige Levels (Forge) 22.28%
Best Gear Set 463.08%
All Dragon Skills 100.0%
All Gemstones 950.04%
All Emblems 1,416.0%
All Prestige Statues 1,005.0%
All Artifacts 711.0%
All Hero Weapons 390.0%
All Heroes (Master of Arms) 499.2%
All Heroes (Master Enforcer) 327.6%
All Heroes (High Constable) 165.0%
All Heroes (Master of War) 110.0%
Total 6,510.22%

Lord Skills Giving Infantry Attack Boost

Building Prestige Levels Giving Infantry Attack Boost

Building Total Boost
Barracks 96.52%
Forge 22.28%

Gear Sets Giving Infantry Attack Boost (all gear, resonance and enhancement boosts)

Gear Set Total Boost
Destruction 463.08%
Hegemony 296.21%
Redeemer 190.0%
Flamebringer 130.0%
Ice Lord 120.0%
Deathseeker 94.5%

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All Gear Giving Infantry Attack Boost (basic boosts without enhancement)

Weapon Boost Commander
Gear Cost [steel] Materials
Destruction Sword 463.08% 26 24.92M 12236 Meteorite Iron
Hegemony Flail 296.21% 26 4.98M 2447 Meteorite Iron
Redeemer Battle Axe 190.0% 26 7.04M 360000 Cerussite, 360000 Pine, 72 Dragon Fire Gemstone, 72 Enchanted Crystal
Flamebringer Sword 130.0% 26 1.76M 90000 Cerussite, 90000 Pine, 18 Dragon Fire Gemstone, 18 Enchanted Crystal
Ice Lord Battle Axe 100.0% 21 700K 36000 Cerussite, 36000 Pine, 7 Dragon Fire Gemstone, 7 Enchanted Crystal
Deathseeker Sword 70.0% 16 201K 14400 Cerussite, 14400 Pine, 2 Dragon Fire Gemstone, 2 Enchanted Crystal

All Dragon Skills Giving Infantry Attack Boost

Dragon Skill Boost
Infantry Backbone III 100.0%

All Gemstones Giving Infantry Attack Boost

All Prestige Statues Giving Infantry Attack Boost

All Hero Weapons Giving Infantry Attack Boost

All Heroes Giving Infantry Attack Boost

Hero Boost
Brutus (Master of Arms) 499.2%
Lancelot (Master Enforcer) 327.6%
Uther (Master Enforcer) 214.2%
Morien, Son of Aglovale (High Constable) 165.0%
Accolon of Gaul (High Constable) 150.0%
Hua Mulan (High Constable) 120.0%
Bors the Elder (Master of War) 110.0%
Sir Baudwin (Master of War) 100.0%
Eulji Mundeok (Master of War) 80.0%
Sir Safir (Master of Arms) 19.0%

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