Why You Need It

Speed ups can help you complete certain tasks (like construction, research, troop and trap training), forging faster by finising (part of) the remaining timer.

Best Way To Get It

If you really need them getting speed ups from the Alliance Store is probably the best way to get speed ups, but I prefer to just save them and make sure I always keep quite some, so that I never have to use my valuable credits on buying them.

Other Ways To Get It

Speed ups are quite common rewards for Barbarian Rallies and seasonal events. You can also use gold to buy speed ups or use gold directly to complete timers, but this is too expensive in my eyes.

Keep In Mind

It is great to have some speed ups in case you want to for example make enough points to score gold during the upgrade stage of the gold event, or to be able to quickly compete forging new equipment to be able to use it during an upcoming event. Make sure to have some, because spending gold or alliance credits on getting speed ups might not be the best way to go, these currencies can be better used in other ways.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Alliance Store 60m Speedup 1 15,000
Gold Store 3h Speedup 3 450
Trial Shop 3h Speedup 3 167


I am trying to keep this as correct and complete as possible, but if you notice any mistakes or missing information, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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