Why You Need It

Required to enhance Dragon Skills.

Best Way To Get It

Buy the level 5 Intensity Crystals in the Trial Shop. If you can prevent it do not spend credits on the lower level intensity crystals.

Other Ways To Get It

The lower level Intensity Crytals are typical rewards for various events. You can get few free Intensity Crystal (I) items from the daily praising of the champions. You can get them from the player vs player encounters in the Forbidden Labyrinth and for the Forbidden Labyrinth weekly ranking rewards. The level 4 intensity crystals can be acquired via the market place, for wood. The gold is too expensive in my opinion. There is also a Lucky Shot field with some Intensity Crystals.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Alchemist's Corner 2x Intensity Crystal (I) 2 56
Spirit Altar and Store Intensity Crystal (I) 1 125
Spirit Altar and Store Intensity Crystal (II) 8 500
Spirit Altar and Store Intensity Crystal (III) 64 2,000
Spirit Altar and Store 7 x Intensity Crystal (III) from Ceremony 448 13,500
Spirit Altar and Store 3 x Intensity Crystal (IV) from Ceremony 1,536 27,000
Spirit Altar and Store 2 x Intensity Crystal (V) from Ceremony 8,192 54,000
Trial Shop Intensity Crystal (V) 4,096 11,852
Trial Shop Intensity Crystal (I) 1 46
Trial Shop Intensity Crystal (II) 8 185
Trial Shop Intensity Crystal (III) 64 741
Trial Shop Intensity Crystal (IV) 512 2,963


I am trying to keep this as correct and complete as possible, but if you notice any mistakes or missing information, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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