Why You Need It

Necessary to unlock the special Dragon Skills available at Dragon EXP level 55 and higher.

Best Way To Get It

You can also get these fragments as a reward from PvP encounters in the Forbidden Labyrinth and as ranking rewards in the Dragon Spirit Arena. Keep doing this to collect a lot while you work your way up to Dragon level 55 and higher.

Other Ways To Get It

It is also possible to get these by holding a ceremony, but I find this quite expensive.

Keep In Mind

For players not spending large amount of money on the game unlocking these advanced dragon skills might never happen, so don't put much focus on this.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Spirit Altar and Store 5 x Dragon Skill Scroll Fragments from Ceremony 5 13,500
Spirit Altar and Store 10 x Dragon Skill Scroll Fragments from Ceremony 10 27,000
Spirit Altar and Store 20 x Dragon Skill Scroll Fragments from Ceremony 20 54,000


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