All information relating to the Alliance Event: Fortune Teller Stage event in King of Avalon, such as a description, how to score points, the point targets and associated prizes.
Name Alliance Event: Fortune Teller Stage
Name Spin the Zodiac Wheel and turn over Tarot Cards at the Fortune Teller in the Tavern to win prizes.
Scoring Points
Activity Points
Turn over the first Tarot Card 40
Turn over the second Tarot Card 80
Turn over the third Tarot Card 150
Spin Zodiac Wheel 200
Turn over the fourth Tarot Card 250
Turn over the fifth Tarot Card 350
Turn over the sixth Tarot Card 450
Turn over the seventh Tarot Card 550
Turn over the eighth Tarot Card 650
Turn over the ninst Tarot Card 750
Target Points Prizes
1 52,800 7 x Knucklebone
2 105,600 4 x Tarot Stone
3 264,000 310 x 1 Gold

Note: Point targets and prizes are indicative, the point targets get higher and prizes get better as you grow your account.

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