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Nether War Guide Added
March 24, 2019

Guide explaining the new Nether War event that replaced Ultimate Alliance Conquest in update 5.4.

See: Nether War Guide for King of Avalon

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Building Blocks Details Updated
March 23, 2019

We updated the information on the building blocks, quite some prices were outdated because of recent changes in game updates.

See: Building Blocks Overview for King of Avalon

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My Heroes Tracking Added
March 15, 2019

New feature for registered users to track the progress of the heroes.

See: My Heroes Tracking for King of Avalon

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Redeemer Equipment Set Added
March 13, 2019

The game update 5.4.0 contains a new Equipment Set, Redeemer. The gear set comparison tool has also been extended with this set.

See: Redeemer Equipment Set for King of Avalon

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