King of Avalon Weekly Growth Targets Part 52

05/05/2019 - -

Setting and evaluating weekly growth targets, part 52. Hero focus to getting as many Horns as possible, convert what I dont need to Morgause, Morgause done. Range 35 and Embassy 33 started, but with many resources maybe get all buildings up to 32, while not many rss focus on Hospitals, Military Tents, resource buildings. Next week Range 33 as prestige level, after keep focus on Range, later Stables and Barracs. Research focus now on Combat I. Equipment focus now on Ice Lord, change from DS to Ice Lord done in video, now still Dragon Essence to be able to enhance all to +5, currently 2 +5 and 4 +4. Focus on getting all Gemstones to Purple lvl 6, getting more Gesmtone Essence from farms,going quite fast with new rewards, next all to Orange +6. From Spire Loot Noble Badges, Dragon EXP. Improving Emblems, 6 to Gold +6, 2 to Orange +5, slower now that rewards have changed again. Prestige Statues from Undead Trader. Artifact now all blue, 4 purple and one orange. Now all to purple first. Library of War Arrows of Ve

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