King of Avalon Weekly Growth Targets Part 65

08/12/2019 - -

Setting and evaluating weekly growth targets, part 65. Hero focus to getting as many Horns as possible. Upgrade Red Knight and Elyan to 5 stars. For Hero Weapons improve slowly, now 5 green, 1 blue, 2 purple. Enough badges for SH 36, now need to transfer rss when I have some time. For prestige levels improve Hall of War, Trading Post and Watchtower. Research focus now on Combat I, doing part V lvl 4, alternate with Economy. Flamebringer complete, now focus on enhancing to +5, upgrading Ring to +4, now 5x +4, 1x +3. Further ahead is going for Redeemer, enough Ingot for 2 pieces, but lack rare and basic materials. Focus on getting all Gemstones to Gold lvl 6 (Flawless Soul), getting more Gemstone Essence from farms. From Spire Loot Noble Badges, Dragon EXP. Dragon 68 done. Also focus on getting Dragon Skill to 6 Stars, but that is very long term. Emblems Attack 4 orange Luminous, rest basic Gold +6, now saving up to upgrade others to Luminous and Twilight. Prestige Statues 15 gold 1 purple Infernal. Artifact n

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