King of Avalon Weekly Growth Targets Part 69

09/09/2019 - -

Setting and evaluating weekly growth targets, part 69. Hero focus to getting as many Horns as possible. For Hero Weapons improve slowly, now 6 blue, 2 purple.SH 37, and Storehouse 35 started. No prestige level improvements. Research focus now on Combat I, alternate with Economy. Flamebringer complete, Redeemer Boots, now focus on enhancing to +5 and making more Redeemer pieces. Focus on getting Gemstones Chaos and Light. Currently Health is Light and Attack is Chaos. From Spire Loot Noble Badges, Dragon EXP. Dragon 68 done. Also focus on getting Dragon Skill to 6 Stars, but that is very long term. Emblems Attack 4 gold luminous, 4 basic Gold +6, now saving up to upgrade others to Luminous and Twilight. Prestige Statues 12 gold 4 purple Infernal. Artifact now 7 gold, 1 orange. Now focus is getting all to Gold. Library of War Arrows of Vengeance at 10, Unassailabl at 7.

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