King of Avalon Merlins Trials
September 30, 2017

Explanation of the new Merlin's Trials feature.

King of Avalon Tips on Getting the best Dragon Spirit Equipment
September 8, 2017

Getting the best Equipment for your Dragon Spirit, including tips and considerations how to get your Dragon Spirit to lvl 45 and to get to Forbidden Labyrinth Floor 55.

King of Avalon Tips on Combining Warlock and Heroic Equipment
September 8, 2017

Combining Warlock and Heroic Dragon Spirit Equipment, with explanation of the importance for each equipment piece.

King of Avalon Tips on Satchel Capacity 1215
September 8, 2017

Getting Your Dragon Spirit Satchel Capacity to 1215, and explaining the importance of satchel capacity for the growth of your Dragon Spirit.

King of Avalon Tips on Getting Prestige Banners
September 7, 2017

Explanation of the new Building Prestige Levels that was released in update 3.5. Includes tips on how to get the required Prestige Banners.

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