Each day you can complete Daily Goals to get various rewards. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win extra prizes. This guide contains a description of typical goals you can score points for for the daily goals prize targets.

Kingdom Maker Daily Goals

07/07/2022 - -

Completing the daily goals in Kingdom Maker to get some extra rewards.


Via the Objectives icon at the left bottom of the window you get into your Quests and Daily Goals overview. In the Daily Goals overview you see all the tasks that provide you some points and direct rewards. In this guide I will go through the tasks currently available to me. As you grow your account this will change, but below should give some good indication. Click on the Go button for non completed task and you will get some indication what to do.

Power Up - 200 power increase - 25 points

Early on the power up task shouldn't be difficult to complete at all. There are different ways to increase power such as construction, research, training.

Prime Real Estate - 3 upgrades - 25 points

Early on no issue at all either. Upgrades takes little time, so you will easily get these rewards and points.

Research Projects - 1 research - 25 points

There are also plenty of research projects at my level that take very little time to complete, so easy to complete this as well.

Fortune Finder - Open your free chest - 10 points

There are some free chests with timers. Open the 24 hour free chests to get the points and rewards. These can be found via the bottom icon of the three at the right top.

Looter - Open 2 Chests - 15 points

Open 2 4 hour free chests.

Rapid Looter - Open 2 Chests - 20 points

Open 2 10 min free chests.

Silk Road - 1 Trade - 10 points

Find a Trading Post on the County Map and make one trade.

Dungeon Raider - Explore 1 Dungeon - 10 points

Find a dungeon on the county map and send a family member to explore.

Orc Hunter - Defeat 1 Orc Camp Level 7 or higher - 10 points

Find a lvl 7 camp on the Map and defeat it.

Orc Slayer - Defeat 2 Orc Camps Level 7 or higher - 20 points

Find two lvl 7 camp on the Map and defeat it.


There are a total of 5 prize levels, at 20, 45, 75, 110, and 150 points. These give resources, bronze and gold champion tokens, speed ups, Champion XP and Batallaion Equipment XP.

All goals also give individual rewards just for completing them.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Goals activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with useful prizes. The top reward of gold champion token is worth it.

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