All information about the research project Forced March I in Kingdoms Mobile including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Travel Time Reduction Lord XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Academy 1 350.0 Food
250.0 Lumber
30.0 Ore
00:04:59 4.0% (inc)
4.0% (cum)
11 3.2
2 Academy 1 600.0 Food
450.0 Lumber
55.0 Ore
00:10:15 4.0% (inc)
8.0% (cum)
3 4.0% (inc)
12.0% (cum)
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4 4.0% (inc)
16.0% (cum)
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5 4.0% (inc)
20.0% (cum)
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Total Academy 1 950.0 Food
700.0 Lumber
85.0 Ore
00:15:14 20.0% 11 1.0

Currently we do not have complete information on this research category yet, if you have missing information, please let us know via the User Comments or send us an e-mail to the address in the footer of this page. Please make sure to provide the original time and undiscounted resource requirements and do not forget the university/academy level required and the Power increase.

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