Best Gear for Stone Production Increase Boost

Gear Type Gear Quality Level 5 Boost
Stone Production Increase
Gear Cost [Gold] Materials
Accessories Wyrm Seal 35.0% 55 2.63M 3 Jade Orb, 3 Wyrm Scales, 2 Wyrm Gut
Footwear Gargantuan Belt 50.0% 60 4.45M 8 Gargantuan Eye, 4 Gargantuan Locks, 2 Gargantuan Fang
Total 155.0% 60 12.35M 9 Jade Orb
9 Wyrm Scales
8 Gargantuan Eye
6 Wyrm Gut
4 Gargantuan Locks
2 Gargantuan Fang

Note: Totals are based on three accessories.

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Stone Production Increase.

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