Once you have your eye set on certain equipment you want to manufacture, it likely turns out you do not have the right materials, or at least not the quality level you would like to have. There is another guide on deciding which gear to craft and what to consider when crafting, this article focusses on an explanation of the various materials and where they can be found, to help you get the materials you need.

Categories of Materials

There are 3 main categories of materials, the standard materials, the special event materials, and materials you only get by purchasing packs. The event materials consist of sets of materials associated with each special event.

Standard Materials

The standard materials can be used to make a large variety of gear and are relatively easy to get. The standard materials can be found in the table below.

In our pages on Tiles we show the materials that can drop, but in game it is also clearly explained gathering on which tiles has a change of material drops. The higher the tile level the higher the possible grade of the materials.

Material chests are a possible reward for events and give random one of the standard materials. These chests can also be purchased in the Guild Shop (9900 coins for a Rare Material Chest) or in the Gem Mall (1500 Gems for a Rare Material Chest and 3000 Gems for either an Epic or a Legendary Material Chest, note that the Epic Chests gives at least an Uncommon material, Legendary could still give Common).

Guild and Admin Quests also give a chance of a standard material drop. Purchasing Quest Scrolls from the Guild Shop could be an alternative way to get materials. Especially when you don't have your Leader maxed out yet, this is attractive as it is also a good source for EXP. Do this once you have reached VIP 7 (for Admin Quests) or VIP 8 (for Guild Quests) so that you can autocomplete them. Just buy a bunch, auto complete all quests, use a Chance, autocomplete all quests until your Chances are finished.

Special Event Materials

The special event materials are the sets of materials that are associated with the special events. You have a chance of getting those materials via anything associated with that event, most relevant is hitting and killing monsters, opening related gifts and chests.

Each Special Event has its own set of materials, for details see the Events overview and select the event you are interested in.

Purchase Materials

The Materials required for the Hunter set can only be acquired via special bundles (i.e. by spending money). For the Champion set it is mostly from bundles as well, although occasionally Champion Chests can be acquired from "Kingdom Tycoon". Slayer chests can be acquired from guild fest.


If you have any other tips or questions on finding materials, let me know.

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