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New Tool: Talent Tree Planner
January 9, 2017

We have added a Talent Tree Planner.
With this tool you can try out different configurations without needing to spend Talent Resets, but more important, it has a number of features that make live easier for you:
You can assign points by a selection instead of assigning points one by one with clicks
You can assign points to any project, so you can start with the projects you really want, and by a click of a button automatically assign the points to all prerequisite buttons.
You can select a number of boost and automatically max all Talent Projects that provide this boost.
See a full list of all boosts that your configurations provide and the amount of talent points you have used.
Try out various settings and store multiple talent tree configurations in your account, so that when you hit the next XP Level you can continue with the Talent Tree Configurations for your various Presets.
Once you have the perfect talent tree configurations figured out with this planner, you can switch back to the game and specify it.

See: Talent Tree Planner for Lords Mobile

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