Skill Projects

An overview of all commander skills in the Progress Tree in March of Empires.

Apprentice Builder

Max Lv. 5 Construction Speed 10.0%

Basic Research

Max Lv. 5 Research Speed 10.0%

Basic Trade Caravan

Max Lv. 5 Trade March Capacity Increase 10.0%

Basic Adventure Rewards

Max Lv. 5 Adventure Resource Reward 20.0%

Advanced Builder

Max Lv. 10 Construction Speed 20.0%

Advanced Upkeep Reduction

Max Lv. 10 Upkeep -10.0%

Advanced Trade Caravan

Max Lv. 10 Trade March Capacity Increase 20.0%

Advanced Research

Max Lv. 15 Research Speed 30.0%

Master Builder

Max Lv. 20 Construction Speed 40.0%

Supreme Upkeep Reduction

Max Lv. 20 Upkeep -20.0%

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