Research Projects

An overview of all research projects available in the Era I Research Tree in March of Empires including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.


Max Lv. 3 Construction Speed 10.0%

Specialized Training

Max Lv. 3 Training Speed 10.0%

Forced March

Max Lv. 3 March Speed 6.0%


Max Lv. 3 Food Income Increase 20.0%

Basic Weapons

Max Lv. 3 Army Attack 10.0%


Max Lv. 3 Army Load 15.0%


Max Lv. 3 Wood Income Increase 20.0%

Stonemasons Guild

Max Lv. 3 Stone Income Increase 10.0%

Basic Mining

Max Lv. 3 Iron Income Increase 10.0%

Increased Storage

Max Lv. 3 Resource Capacity Increase 15.0%

Market Stalls

Max Lv. 3 Resource Income 10.0%

Secure Vaults

Max Lv. 3 Protected Resources Increase 10.0%

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Total Cost

Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
68K Wood
138K Iron
126K Stone
102K Food
517K Silver
14d 12:12:00 14K 71,190 4.9

Total Benefits

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