Research Projects

An overview of all research projects available in the Era II Research Tree in March of Empires including resource requirements, prerequisite research projects and buildings, time, hero xp, power, boost, and unlocked troops, traps and special skills.

Workshop Machinery

Max Lv. 5 Defenses Effectiveness 15.0%

Expert Archers

Max Lv. 5 Ranged Attack 15.0%

Expert Siege

Max Lv. 5 Siege Machine Attack 15.0%

Deep Quarries

Max Lv. 5 Stone Income Increase 15.0%

Advanced Armor

Max Lv. 5 Army Health 10.0%


Max Lv. 5 Silver Income Increase 15.0%

Expert Spearmen

Max Lv. 5 Spearmen Attack 15.0%

Expert Swordsmen

Max Lv. 5 Swordsmen Attack 15.0%

Expert Cavalry

Max Lv. 5 Cavalry Attack 15.0%


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Pikemen


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Axemen


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Raiders

Arrow Slits

Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Arrow Slits


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Marksmen


Max Lv. 1 Unlocks Catapults

Expert Engineers

Max Lv. 5 Defense Capacity Increase 15.0%

Personal Trainer

Max Lv. 5 Skill Points +5

Notice Board

Max Lv. 5 Resource Reward +15


Max Lv. 5 March Size vs Encounters 10.0%

Hunting Parties

Max Lv. 5 Attack vs. Encounters 15.0%

Battle Tactics

Max Lv. 5 Health vs. Encounters 10.0%

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Total Cost

Resources Original Time Hero XP Power kPower/
5.48M Wood
2.75M Iron
3.97M Stone
7.72M Food
10.27M Silver
393d 02:40:45 173K 657,070 1.7

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