Misty Continent: Cursed Island has many different heroes that can lead your marches. This guide contains information on how to get and upgrade heroes and gives some tips on which heroes to use.

Misty Continent Heroes

12/01/2022 - -

Explaining the heroes in Misty Continent, how to improve them, which heroes to focus on.

Importance of Heroes

When you send out a march you can add two heroes to lead your march. These heroes provide important benefits, such as march capacity increase or combat buffs. Using good heroes can make the difference between winning or losing a battle.

Getting New Heroes

The basic heroes can be recruited in the Tavern building. The Master Recruitment costs Recruitment Banners and will get you a Tier S (gold), Tier A (purple) or Tier B (blue) hero. The Standard Recruitment costs Hero Badges and will get you Tier A (purple), Tier B (blue) or Tier C (green) heroes.

The chances to get the better heroes (gold and purple) are relatively small.

The Recruitment Banners are relatively hard to come by. Keep completing your daily quests every day to get some, and pay attention to events where you might also win them. The Hero Badges are more easy to come by.

Note that you can do some free Standard Recruitments daily, and sometimes you get a free or half off Master Recruitment.

Not all heroes can be acquired from recruitment in the tavern. Pay attention to events where you are able to get the more rare heroes, such as Ching Shih during the Ghost Captain event, and heroes you can sometimes get from ranking well in the Treasure Blitz.

You don't always get a hero right away, but sometimes you get fragments. You need 20 fragments to recruit a hero.

Improving your heroes

There are various ways to improve your heroes. Improving the XP level, unlocking more Stars and unlocking more skills.

Increasing the XP level is relatively easy as you will get Hero EXP items via various aspects of normal game play. The maximum level you can increase a hero is limited via the star level. Increasing the hero XP level increases the march stats. I am not sure exactly how you benefit from things like increased Strength, Intelligence, Agility and Speed (I assume it all has some positive effect on combat outcome), however the March Capacity is more clear. Increased march capacity allows you to send more soldiers in your march. Typical the march benefit of green and blue heroes is very limited, for purple you can add 100 troops per hero exp level, for gold 200 troops per hero exp level.

The Star level is more difficult to increase. You need to have extra hero badges. To go from 1 to 2 star you need 1 extra, from 2 to 3 star 2 extra and so on. These can be acquired in the same way (tavern and events). The star level increases the maximum Hero EXP level, the number of bonus attribute points, a march capacity increase percentage and one or more unique skills for the hero.

For unlocking extra skills you also need extra hero badges. These skills give you extra powerful boosts during battle. Besides unlocking you also need to upgrade these skills to increase the benefit. For this you need a currency that can be acquired by discharging heroes you don't need.

That is a lot of stuff to upgrade and a lot of it needs the same hero badges. It is not realistic to try to upgrade many heroes at the same time, chose some to focus on and disregard the rest. For a starter you might want to convert all your green and blue heroes so you can upgrade some skills of the heroes you will actually use.

Dungeon Raider

The Dungeon Raider mini game is a separate game and heroes can also have benefit for you in this game. When you open a hero you can go to the Dungeon Raider tab. Here, depending on the grade and star level of the hero, one or more dungeon raider skills might be unlocked. You can increase the level of those skills with the Goblets you get from the Dungeon Raider mini game.

Heroes to Focus on

Most heroes are combat heroes and they either provide a general troop boost (if they have the tower as an icon) or boost for one specific troop type. Since I normally march with a mix of troop types into battle, I prefer to have heroes that give a general troop boost, so that all soldiers benefit. I also want to have a high grade (gold) hero because of increased march capacity. At this moment I only have one Phoebus. For my other march hero I use Tamir mostly because of the extra march capacity he provides.

There are some heroes (to my knowledge at this time only Ching Shih) who provide other benefits than combat. Ching Shih provides benefits related to elmininating threats. The Threat March speed increase she provides is nice, but what makes her really valuable is the Stamina Points Consumed reduction. Using her as one of the two heroes for your pve march will make sure you can eliminate more threats or rally more undead camps daily. Very valuable!

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