This article describes the various ways to increase the number of March Slots in Misty Continent: Cursed Island and explains why this is so important.

What is Number of March Slots?

The maximum Number of March Slots determines how many marches you can send out at the same time. Marches are required for important activities such as attacking threats and undead army camps and gathering resources.

Unlocking March Slots

Research is key to unlocking most March Slots. You start with one March Slot and you can unlock three more March Slots via the March Slot I, II, and III projects in the Combat tree. March Slot I and II are easy to achieve, for March Slot III you need to upgrade your Academy to level 20 and you need to do quite some research to reach it, but it is worth it.

At VIP 8 you also unlock an extra March Slot. The extra March Slot is a big reason to make sure you get VIP 8 soon.

Importance of Multiple March Slots

Although in general it is very handy to have multiple marches available the key benefit for most players will be that it allows you to gather resources with multiple marches simultaneously. Resources are the most restricting factor in your growth, so being able to gather more resources at a time, will allow you to grow faster.


Working towards unlocking all 5 March Slots should be every player's focus. The sooner you have all unlocked, the longer you will benefit.

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