When you are playing in a new kingdom in Misty Continent: Cursed Island you will soon realize that many players only play the game for a few days or weeks, leaving many dead accounts in your alliance territory. In this guide we will look at methods to get rid of these dead accounts.

Misty Continent Removing Dead Accounts

12/05/2022 - -

Removing dead accounts from your alliance territory in Misty Continent.

Relocating Alliance Hive

It might seem like overkill, but if you have many dead accounts in your alliance territory, instead of working on porting them out one by one (as we describe below), you might consider relocating your hive.

There are some additional potential benefits, maybe your hive setup was not so great to begin with, or you are in a very crowded area, or you want to move closer to the center to have access to better resource tiles. If you have many dead accounts in your hive, it is the right moment to consider a relocation.

When you have a large active alliance, rebuilding your alliance buildings is not very time consuming. Make sure you make a good plan for where you want the fortress, towers and other alliance buildings. Get prime spots for the key players (e.g. rally leaders around ancient gate). Better let everyone save up for an advanced teleport from the alliance store, the fortress or alliance teleports will not always get you to a good spot.

Porting Inactives by Attacking

You can for an inactive to port out by breaking down their defenses. When you scout a player one of the information elements you see is the Estate Defense, for example with 6000/8000. This means of the total Estate Defense of 8000 currently 6000 is left. Once this reaches 0 the account will do a random teleport.

I have done some experiments and from what I have seen, no matter with which troops you attack, their is no direct damage to the Estate Defense from the attack. Instead the attack causes the Estate to burn for a period of time, and while it burns it takes damage. The damage it takes seems to be around 4 per minute, so the process is rather slow.

I have noticed that even when the Estate is no longer visibly burning, it can still be taking damage.

From my experience with other games I think there is a relation between the amount of attacks and how long an Estate keeps burning/taking damage, although I have not been able to test it in this game.

So if you want to port out an inactive account, make sure it is attacked regularly so that it keeps burning/taking damage.

Restoring Defenses

For inactive accounts the defenses will not be restored. If you notice between scouting the defense number going up, it means the account is not inactive. In that case probably better to send a message to the person asking them to leave.

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