The Treasure Blitz event is a recurring multi-day event in Misty Continent: Cursed Island. In this guide we will have a look at the Gathering Stage where you can get rewards for gathering resources.

Misty Continent Treasure Blitz Gathering

11/17/2022 - -

Treasure Blitz event Gathering Stage in Misty Continent.

How to Gather Resources

There are resource tiles scattered around the world map where you can gather one of the four resources, Food, Magic Crystals, Stone, Silver, by sending troops to the tile. Food and Magic Crystal are always possible to gather, at Stronghold lvl 10 Stone will be added and at Stronghold lvl 15 Silver.


Points are acquired depending on the type of resource. You need to gather 20 units of Food or Magic Crystal to score one point, 4 units of Stone or 1 unit of Silver.

Preparation and Boosts

In the Economy tree in the Academy there are various research projects that increase the gathering speed for each type of resource. In the Economy Talent tree there are boosts for gathering per resource type as well.

In the Development research tree there are Troop Load projects that increase how much resources your troops can carry. Early on in the game when you don't yet have enough troops to deplete tiles with all your marches having a high troop load can help you gather longer while offline.

In the Combat research category there are March Slots projects that allow you to deploy extra Marches and March Capacity projects that allow you more troops in a march. Higher Stronghold levels also increase your March Capacity. VIP level 8 also unlocks an extra March Slot. VIP 8 and the March Slot from the Combat research tree that is only available at Academy 20 will take a bit longer to unlock, but make sure you have the first two March Slot projects researched as soon as possible so that you can gather with three marches.

A huge effect are the Gathering Boost items that you can purchase from the Alliance Store and exchange in the Market Stall. They are quite cheap, and you might have some as prizes from events as well. Use them during the event. They come in 8 hour and 24 hour and both give a 50% gathering speed boost. Early on in the game this is huge compared to the benefits you get in other ways.

Do not forget to train enough troops. Unless you are online 24/7 it is important to be able to send maximum amount of marches out.

As an alliance you might want to locate your hive near high level tiles so that you can keep gathering when off line for longer times. Ideally you are near the center where there are level 7 tiles, but depending on the kingdom that might be too competitive. Being near level 5, 6 is a must, not only for this event.

Beginner's Tips

Just go out there and gather. At a very early stage you might not have enough troops, but later on this event should be relatively easy to win the 3rd tier prize.

The points per resource align with the default speed of gathering, so rather than just selecting Silver, it is better to select the resource for which you have the highest boost. You can check this is your Lord Profile - Lord Stats.

If you have it unlocked make sure to use the Instant Gather talent. Send all your marches out to high level resource tiles. Do not send to the Alliance Resource building when using this talent, as that march will not return.

Be careful with potential attackers. Ask your alliance members whether it is safe to gather, otherwise keep an eye on your troops while gathering. If you are in an area where you can not safely gather it is probably best to relocate.

Advanced Tips

If you want to challenge for leaderboard prizes in this stage of the gold event, it is crucial that you have 5 marches, meaning Stronghold level 20 which allows you to upgrade the Academy to level 20, which is necessary for researching the last March Slot, and havig VIP 8 or higher unlocked.

The Gathering stage is the first stage of the Treasure Blitz event. Make sure you plan ahead, you should get a good start and make sure you have all your marches nearly fully loaded at the start of the event.

Also use the alliance resource building, you need to use that for one march and time it so you have a near full load for that march as well.


I hope these tips make it easier to win all point rewards in the Gathering Stage of the Treasure Blitz event, and give you a shot at leaderboard rewards.

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