There is a recurring Treasure Blitz Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide provides information relevant for doing well in the Research Stage.


Points are acquired based on an increase in research power. One increase in research power will give you 5 points for this stage of the event.

Preparation and Boosts

Most important boost for this event is the Research Speedup boost. In the Development research tree there are 2 projects that increase Research Speed. In the Economy talent tree there are 3 Research Speed projects, and the important Development talent, which provides an extra boost to reduce any research (and construction) timer you start within a period of 30 minutes with 20%.

Research speed ups are important to do well, so make sure to stock up on them. Don't use them unless this (or another) event provides you with rewards. You can of course also use general speed ups.

Research upgrades cost resources, so be sure to have plenty of resources at the start as well.

Upgrading your Embassy to max level allows you to receive more helps and get more time deduction for each alliance help. This does not make a huge difference, but still helps, especially relatively early on in the game.


Start a research before the event starts, so that you start with some points already. Preferably something giving you a lot of points. This can differ a lot for different research projects.

Note: The power increase for Research can be found in the Academy building, but just for the next level.


I hope these guide make it easy to do well during the Research Stage of the Treasure Blitz event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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