The VIP levels give you extra benefits. In this guide we will go through all benefits and consider whether it is worth to have focus to upgrade to certain VIP levels.

How Does It Work?

By logging in and via items you get for various actions, you get VIP points and you can increase your VIP level. Each level has a number of benefits associated with it.

Note: In many similar games it is necessary to keep VIP active, that does not seem to be the case in this game, you always have the benefits of the highest VIP level you have unlocked.

Increasing VIP Points

You can increase your VIP points in various ways. One of them is that each day you get VIP points for free by going to the VIP overview (click on the VIP level at the left top of your screen) and claiming the chest next to your VIP point bar. Note that claiming the free chest below first is better in case you are about to upgrade VIP level, as this will get you both the gift chest of the old VIP level and the gift chest if the new VIP level.

You can purchase 100 VIP points for 300 gold, which is in my eyes very expensive. As we see below, higher VIP levels have significant benefit, but unless you spend big you might want to look at cheaper ways to get VIP points.

Alternative ways to get VIP points are the Alliance Store (Not sure about the price yet, requires Alliance level 12, which we haven't reached yet) and Catacombs Trader (only 100 VIP points per day, but cheap). The market stall sometimes let's you change some resources for VIP items. Not much, but it can help.

Keep an eye out for VIP items as rewards of events, and in other shops as you grow your account.

Benefits per Categories

To get a better idea how you can benefit from VIP find below several categories of boosts that are available.

Combat Boosts

Starting from VIP 9 there is a Troop Attack, Health and Defense Boost. These are general troop boosts, benefiting all your troop types in any battle against any type of opponents, so very useful. At VIP 9 you get 10% and at VIP 11 it is maxed at 20%.

There are also a number of boosts that you can benefit from in combat, as well as in other areas.

at VIP 3 you unlock one Quick Equip slot (allowing you to quickly switch between equipment sets), at VIP 9 you get another quick equip slot.

At VIP 4, 7 and 11 you also get an extra Troop Formations Slot (useful to make a preset for attacking players, threats, gathering in alliance resource building etc).

Starting from VIP 5 there is a Troop March Speed boost, maxing at 12% at VIP 12.

At VIP 6 you unlock Garrison Mercenary Airship. This makes sure when your estate is under attack you still get the benefits from your Airship even if it is not in your estate.

At VIP 10 you get a Hospital Capacity increase of 15%, at VIP 12 this becomes 30%.

At VIP 11 you get a Airship Phantom. I assume this is an extra Airship, so you can have Airship in 2 marches, but I haven't unlocked VIP 11 yet, so not sure.

At VIP 12 you get a Quick Talent Switch (allowing you to quickly change your talent tree point assignments).

Economic Boosts

From VIP 2 to 11 the Instant Building Speedup time increases from 60s to 1800s. Early on this is a nice boost, but once you reach VIP 11 you are likely not building non stop anymore, because getting all requirements to start building upgrades is a bigger issue than the time.

At VIP 4 you get an extra construction speed of 10% increasing to 20% at VIP 10.

At VIP 8 you get an extra March Slot (very useful for Resource Gathering)

At VIP 6 a healing cost reduction buff of 2% is introduced, at VIP 12 this healing cost reduction is 14%.

Threat and Undead Boosts

Starting at VIP 1 you get a Threat March Speed boost and starting from VIP 2 a Lord Stamina Recovery boost. They both start at 10% and at VIP 12 the Threat March Speed is 120% and the Lord Stamina Recovery 30%.

The Lord Stamina Recovery boost is not easy to get in other ways and very valuable in my eyes.

Creation Boosts

There are several Creation related boosts.

At VIP 3 the Creation Room Select is unlocked, allowing you to switch from one room to another no matter if they are connected.

At VIP 4 the Creation Battle Speed x2 is unlocked, allowing you to complete battles faster. At VIP 7 x4 is introduced.

At VIP 5 the Ancient Tombs Challenge Attempts are increased with 2, at VIP 8 with another 2, and at VIP 10 with 1. This means you can plunder the same room more often.

At VIP 7 the Creation Skills are increased with 1.

At VIP 9 Creation Battle Skip is introduced, allowing you to skip to the end result of a battle.

Abyssal Mines

The Quick Find Crystal Quarries skill is unlocked at VIP 5 allows you to find empty crystal mines, if there are any.


At VIP 10 you get 10% Wounded Conversion (10% more injured troops going to the Sanctuary instead of dying when your hospitals are full), and an increase of the Sanctuary capacity with 100%.

Key VIP Levels

I consider VIP 8 to be THE key VIP level because of the extra March Slot. Spending in game credits to get there is in my eyes a good investment.

Higher levels get more and more expensive. There are benefits for sure, for example the Wounded Conversion and Sanctuary capacity increase at VIP 10 and the Quick Talent Switch at VIP 12, but there are more interesting benefits to use your in game credits for.


I hope this gives an impression of the benefits of leveling up your VIP. If you have any comments or questions, please let them know in the comment section.

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