All information relating to the attachment Shoe Knife in Mobile Strike including what min and max boosts it gives, where it can be found and which event it is associated with.
Name Shoe Knife
Type Special Event (Shadow Storm)
Quality Level Advanced Infantry Attack Advanced Infantry Health Advanced Troop Attack Bonus Advanced Troop Health Bonus Infantry Attack Infantry Health Troop Attack Bonus Troop Health Bonus
6 26.67% - 32.0% 8.33% - 10.0% 3.33% - 4.0% 1.67% - 2.0% 26.67% - 32.0% 8.33% - 10.0% 3.33% - 4.0% 1.67% - 2.0%

Note: Data in italic is not confirmed and/or extrapolated based on other data.

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