Best Gear for Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack Boost

Gear Type Gear Quality Level 6 Boost
Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack
Gear Cost [coin] Materials
Accessories Blackout Wolf's Bite 125.0% 50 4.88M 2 Wolf Skin Camo, 1 Red Dye, 1 Midnight Black Composite
Body Armor Wolf Skin Armor 165.0% 50 4.42M 1 Jagged Obsidian, 1 Kevlar Threading, 1 Carbon Fiber Plating, 1 Wolf Skin Camo
Footwear Wolf's Claws 150.0% 50 4.87M 1 Carbon Fiber Plating, 1 Kevlar Threading, 1 Wolf Skin Camo, 1 Midnight Black Composite
Helmets Lone Wolf's Mask 180.0% 50 4.94M 2 Wolf Skin Camo, 1 Carbon Fiber Plating, 1 Midnight Black Composite
Weapons Howling Wolf 200.0% 50 5.23M 2 Carbon Fiber Plating, 1 Wolf Skin Camo, 1 Midnight Black Composite
Total 1,070.0% 50 34.10M 11 Wolf Skin Camo
6 Midnight Black Composite
5 Carbon Fiber Plating
3 Red Dye
2 Kevlar Threading
1 Jagged Obsidian

Note: This list of individual best gear pieces for a certain boost does not take gear set bonusses into consideration. If you have done the Gear Set Research, it is better to consider using a complete Gear Set.

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack.

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