Recently Alliance Gift Tiles were introduced to the game. In combination with the Alliance Challenges these can give huge rewards for all alliance members. This guide gives an explanation about the Alliance Gift Tiles and how they can be used to win the Alliance Challenges.

How Do Alliance Gift Tiles Work

Many packs now come with an Alliance Gift Tile. The quality can be between lvl 1 and 5 (haven’t seen level 6, not is that listed in the Alliance Challenges), the level seems to depend on the price of the pack, with level 5 a common tile level for the expensive packs. When the pack is purchased the location of the Alliance Gift Tile will be communicated in the alliance chat, but anyone can see the Alliance Gift Tile on the map. Anyone who depletes the tile will get an Alliance Gift for its alliance.

Alliance Gift Tile Gifts

The gifts in itself are not so special, especially not if you compare it to Game of War in which this concept was introduced around the same time.

Alliance Challenges

The huge rewards come when these Alliance Gift Tiles are used to complete the currently active Alliance Challenges. We are talking about prizes including 75,000 gold, 1 million VIP points, 75 Days of Speed Ups, hundreds of Legendary (Resource) Hammers.

To get these prizes for the Alliance Challenges Alliance Gift Tiles of your own alliance need to be depleted. Doing this score points, the higher level tile the more points. I have seen Alliance Challenges with 500 and 1500 points for the 4rd tier, which corresponds to 5 or 15 Alliance Gift Tiles Level 5.

This is a time to put aside differences within your State and work together to all benefit. Currently stealing these tiles gives relatively little benefits (these do not count towards the Alliance Point level) anyway.

Some tips is to just have cease fire in the state on those Alliance Gift Tiles, if your alliance is part of a family, or you have good allies, invite a group over to max out your 100 members before you reach the 3rd tier milestone so that as many friendly players as possible can benefit from these great rewards.

If it is not possible within your state to have a cease fire or collaborate, you need to be extra careful for tilehits on these Alliance Gift Tiles. They are difficult to prevent, but make sure you have your strongest player on the tiles and surround the tile with other bases and a layer of encampments to make a sneak attack difficult and to give you some time to react and counter attack if someone ports in.


Like many other features Alliance Gift Tiles are still a feature for the spenders, you need to purchase a pack to get an Alliance Gift Tile, but in combination with the Alliance Challenges also the non or low spenders in an alliance can benefit in a great way, which was previously not possible.

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