There is a new research gear, called the Battle Tested Gear Set. This set can give a total research speed boost of 129.3%, compared to the combined boost of 107.2% for the previously best set.

Detailed Comparison

Find below a table with the detailed comparison per gear slot. We have extended the Battle Tested Gear Set with the Cross Hikers as footwear, since there is no footwear available in the Battle Tested Gear Set.

Gear Slot Previous Best Equipment Previous Boost Battle Tested Equipment New Boost Difference
Helmet Q-Sight Helmet 2.0% Toxic Zone 10.0% 8.0%
Body Armor Field Scientist Uniform 23.9% Battle Lab Coat 27.0% 3.1%
Footwear Cross Hikers 3.3% Cross Hikers 3.3% 0.0%
Weapon Silenced Sniper Rifle 15.0% Battle Tester 20.0% 5.0%
Accessory Holographic Sight 63.0% (21% per accessory) Battle Injector 69.0% (23% per accessory) 6.0%
Totals 107.2% 129.3% 22.1%

How It Can be Acquired

According to the in-game blog legendary pieces of this gear can be found in Sales and Challenges. I have not seen it in challenges yet. My commander is level 49 and my Headquarters 19, not sure whether it has already shown up for challenges for others, if you have seen them, please share in what type of challenge you encountered it.

At this stage there is no way yet to get the materials, perhaps they will become available in Sales and Challenges as well.


I expect this new research gear to only be available for spenders. I do not expect it to be a prize for any standard Extreme Challenge, but who knows, the game makers might surprise me.

If you are going to spend money on this game anyway, you might pay attention to completing this gear set. Although the difference with the previous research speed gear set is not very large, the recently introduced research categories are very time consuming and this will only become more so for future research trees. The 22.1% extra speed might save you from needing to buy some packs in the future.

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